Why won't my computer boot after a module is installed?

Category : Setup / Operation
1. Please make sure that the module you purchase is compatible with your computer. Please refer to the following link to check the compatibility:
2. Please remove the module after turn off the platform and check if there is any oxidation or dirt on the golden finger. Try to wipe and clean with an eraser, then reinstall module again to confirm whether the issue is successfully sloved.
3. Please make sure the memory modules are installed properly by referring to the official user manual.
4. We recommend that you install the suspected memory module separately to check if the problem is related to the memory module or the compatibility.
5. If possible, please try to install the suspected memory module on another laptop/desktop to check if the problem is related to the motherboard.

If the above methods still cannot solve your problem, please kindly take the product with the receipt back to the original retailer and ask for a repair or replacement service.
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